Critical Steps To Take When Selling a Home in California

Critical Steps To Take When Selling a Home in California

Selling a home in California is much like playing poker at the high stakes table.  The rules of the game are the same, the math on what the right thing to do percentage wise is static, but boy do the steaks go up.  In case you haven’t heard California real estate is both expensive and volatile!

It’s for this reason that many people (including some less experienced realtors) will end up doing things that would not ordinarily be done.  It is a human reaction to try harder and take more chance when there is a bigger pot at the end of the rainbow.

This post is designed to remind you of the proper steps to take when selling your home.  If you follow these steps, you will avoid the emotional instincts that kick in when dealing with highly expensive and volatile real estate, thus saving yourself money and regret.

Remain Objective about Your House

Our home is where we spend most of our free time.  It’s where our kids grow up, we grow old, and our life’s most precious memories often occur.  Home indeed is perhaps the most romantic and nostalgia filled place in our lives.  Unfortunately, we sometimes must look past the mushy stuff when considering selling our home.

The fact of the matter is for the overwhelming majority of us, our house is the single largest purchase we ever make in our lives.  It is also over time almost always the single best investment many of us make too.

For example, a family in Brooklyn New York, whose grandfather purchased a home across the street from Prospect Park in the 1920s for $27,000, in 2015 had that same house (with few updates) valued at over $2.5 million!  You think that family is considering selling?

Locally, if you bought an LA home just 24-months ago, you’ve seen your value go up 14 percent according to

There are times, especially in an up-and-down market like California where you have to separate the emotion and treat your home like the major investment it is.

Hire a Realtor

This one is short.  People who work with a realtor get more money almost every time, even after adjusting for commissions.  If they didn’t, realtors wouldn’t still exist.  Also, a good realtor will act like a coach and keep you focused on business and away from the emotional drain selling a home can have.

Eva Grijalva is an expert California realtor. If you hire her to sell your home, you’ll be in good hands.

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