5 Great Things About La Verne California

5 Great Things About La Verne California

1. Best of Both Worlds
La Verne is one of those unique small cities that offers you a combination only a city of its size can offer. With a population of about 30,000 as of the 2010 census per City Data La Verne is big enough to offer many urban amenities such as education, dining and parks. Combine that with the qualities of suburban life and you get a great place to live

2. Close Proximity to Several larger Cites
Sitting just over 30-miles outside Los Angeles and under 10-miles from Pomona and East San Gabriel. This makes La Verne a prototypical-commuting city with only 16.5 percent of its population living and working within the city limits.

3. Strong Real Estate Market
The average home value in La Verne is just under 16 percent higher than the California State average. In addition, despite the market crash of 2008, average home values have nearly doubled since 2000, going from an average of $219,400 to $417,434.

4. Great for Families and Those With Active Lifestyles
According to Trip Buzz, La Verne and direct surrounding areas have an astonishing 1538 things to do with kids and the variety is equally impressive. From basketball camps, outdoor activities, to wonderful natural parks, movie theaters and even a raceway in nearby Pomona, there is something for everyone and makes La Verne a truly great city to live in.

5. Choice of Schools From Several School Districts
Because of the cities close proximity to so many areas where you live within the city changes the school district your child attends. This of course is a great thing for parents who generally value school districts more than almost any other factor when selecting a home. Story’s abound of families who move miles and sometimes many states away to get into a better school district. By living in an area with so many options, this problem becomes slightly less glaring as a move down the block may very well change where your child attends school.

Bonus Fact
Of course like any California city one of the primary motivations for moving to La Verne is simply the California weather. For east coast folk like myself the beauty of California can often be enticing. La Verne is no different. Of course great weather year round also lends itself to a higher propensity among the areas citizens to participate in active lifestyles. Active lifestyles obviously lead to healthier citizens, which always helps a community. With all the parks, botanical gardens, trails, open space and sports finding something to do for someone bent on being active is not hard.

So there you have it, five great things about La Verne California regardless of if you wish to move there, or visit hopefully this list will give you a little more information about what to expect from this quintessential west-coast suburb.


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